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Podcast Pissara Umavijani, the fragrance poetess

Posted by on Apr 15, 2021 in Smell/Taste | 0 comments

Bangkok – Paris, one way ticket that Pissara took one day in 2010. She will bring in her luggage, her father’s poetry, freedom, love and passion of the Arts. All in all, the foundary ingredients dedicated to the success of Dusita, her perfume brand. I am happy to start another chapter of Tatousenti podcast with a talented & audacious women. Her career is really inspiring. So let’s straight away get old of your earphones so to discover new players of the perfume & flavor industry on Tatousenti, the first podcast on the Art of Smelling.

8 women portraits in the spotlight in 2021

Posted by on Apr 12, 2021 in Smell/Taste | 0 comments

For the woman’s international day, in 2021, I have decided to share with you, 8 women’s portraits. Admittedly, it has become a commonplace to celebrate the woman only on March the 8th. Nevertheless, I have chosen to talk about authentic women. They are, all, driven by odours and perfume, except one outsider, Bettina Frohlich. But it is only natural to recognize another Bettina !

8 new portraits of perfume women in the spotlight for 2021

Posted by on Apr 12, 2021 in Smell/Taste | 0 comments

Here are four new portraits of perfume women in the spotlight, for the Woman’s week. They are all fantastic, generous, authentic, and all just as much passionate. Each one promote perfume, with the envy of changing the rules of the game, in the beautiful industry. Yes, it is in fact an industry and no more a craftsmanship. However, they are women who are eager to have another approach of the perfume. Hazard or coincidence, I unveil two Isabelle and two Karine…

A tribute to Giorgia Martone

Posted by on Feb 24, 2021 in Smell/Taste | 0 comments

At the end of January, a young and great of Lady of the perfume world passed away, accidentally… The perfume world is sad and distraught. She was a true passionate, in charge of the creation development of ICR, who worked closely with the french perfumers : indeed chocked, the french perfumery world has remained silent. Anyway, luckily, a number of french perfumers have not forgotten her and have shared with me, their memories. I dedicate this tribute to Ambra, her sister, and her tight families love.

Leonardo de Vinci gives us a lesson in perfumery

Posted by on May 17, 2020 in Non classé @en | 0 comments

Did you know that Leonardo de Vinci was fond of perfumes ? So, why not explore his approach, just like a lesson in perfumery, at the time of the Renaissance ! In fact, the perfume, called « the  nameless perfume, was shown during a private event.  As it was created for  the closure of the « Genio e Belleza » exhibition, in 2019 , designed by Maria Pulli, the searcher. A perfume, that has never been and will never be commercialized. Although being late, I thought it was interesting, to share with you, the methodology and Leonardo da Vinci’s glance onto the perfume.

Buly 1803 enters the Louvre museum Paris

Posted by on Dec 26, 2019 in Choose a perfume, Fragrances, Men's fragrance, Smell/Taste, Women's fragrance | 0 comments

A major first ! The Louvre museum opens its doors to the Officine Universelle Buly 1803. At the invitation of the perfume brand, 8 well-known French perfumers were asked to imagine and interprete the painting or the sculpture of their choice. That is to say 8 fragrances that you will be able to find at the pop-up store located at the Louvre, until January 6th 2020, and at the Buly 1803 boutique on the Bonaparte street, in Paris  So, follow the guide, in order to discover the process of their creation.

How to support Tatousenti Podcast

Posted by on Aug 13, 2019 in Smell/Taste | 0 comments

Don’t panic ! I do not ask you money !… Just a little bit of time and generosity, by taking the trouble to write a comment about the tatousenti Podcasts , on iTunes. It is most important for the Tatousenti podcasts channel just as well as for the creator, Bettina Aykroyd who looks for unique celebs of the world of perfumery and savours. So, follow the guide, nothing is more simple !

Johann Maria Farina, 8th generation

Posted by on Aug 13, 2019 in Podcast | 0 comments

For the last podcast of  Tatousenti first season, I has the pleasure to meet Johann Maria Farina, the 8th generation of the Farina family in Cologe. Thanks to him, you will be abble to understand the story about the first Eau de Cologne, Farina 1709. This podcast is exceptionally in English…

Spleen by Baudelaire from Florian Beaume

Posted by on Jul 22, 2019 in Events | 0 comments

When the word Spleen is mentioned, Beaudelaire echoes automatically to our mind… It’s only natural as Spleen and Ideal are a serie of poems, part of the famous poetry book, « Les Fleurs du Mal » from Baudelaire. But, today it is a serie of six episodes of ten minutes long, written and produced by Florian Beaume, a young grassois film director. In fact, you will have the opportunity to meet him, at the preview, on Wednesday July 24th, at 8pm, at the Studio Cinema, in Grasse. For my part, I had the pleasure, to talk with him, so to understand more about  his approach and what was  behind the scene of Spleen, an historical fiction… a wonderful human adventure.

Luana Belmondo joie de vivre in her kitchen

Posted by on Jul 9, 2019 in Podcast | 0 comments

Come and sit down at Luana Belmondo’s table ! She is Italian, but also French in her heart, and shares her love for the everyday cooking, for her family. Her recipes are instinctive, filled with love and generosity. Today, You can find her on My Cuisine, for the third season, from Monday till Friday at 11.30 a.m, in her program LuanaCuisine, RTL where she treats you everyday and also à la table RTL, during the week-end.

What is the Fonds Baudelaire  ?

Posted by on Jul 7, 2019 in Smell/Taste | 0 comments

It’s in May 2018, that the Fonds Baudelaire started in Grasse, in order to rehabilitate, promote and publicize this heritage, through events. Here is in a few words, the Fonds Baudelaire’s mission. The endowment fun dis, certainly, a human adventure with Christine Monpoix, Eric Montvoisin, Jean-Denis Oreel and Jonathan Turrilo. This is why Jonathan Turillo took some time, to reveal to me the mysteries and whay is all behind the scene.

Purity from Valmont is good for the skin

Posted by on Jun 18, 2019 in Feelgood | 0 comments

Valmont has given a magical wand to it’s cleansing skincare range… After being reviewed and relifted, the range Purity from Valmont is rejuvenated. Therefore, 9 products, 9 different textures are  planned, so to earn an impeccable skin, just before hydrating it. So full speed ahead !