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Private Collection : 8 new Givenchy Perfumes

Private Collection : 8 new Givenchy Perfumes


Which perfume brand has not it’s private collection !… All the perfumes players of the selective market  or almost have one. In general, these collections rely on a storytelling about ingredients. Today, the private collection is launched with 8 new Givency perfumes. They are all signed by parfumers from  Firmenich, (Marie Salamagne, Olivier Cresp, Fabrice Pellerin, Amandine Clerc-Marie, Nathalie Lorson). But, here, I call on Nathalie Lorson.


8 new perfumes within the Private collection


The Private Collection, the Givenchy new perfumes


Which is the spirit of the new collection ?


The writing of this collection relies on spotlighting the ingredients. More precisely, we were asked to  trigger a shock between contrasted materials so to create a unique olfactive identity. Nevertheless,  we were not briefed into a precise direction, but more onto a coherent writing, inside with we had full opportunity to express ourselves.


nouveaux parfums givenchy

Accord Particulier is the 9th fragrance of the collection. What is it’s status ?


In order to create this Accord Particulier, I  started from the olfactive identity of the perfume house, by playing and associating the four iconic raw materials  of the Givenchy perfumery : the Damascena Rose, the patchouli essence, the vetiver from Haîti and the Ambrox. One will find the Ambrox in almost all the fragrances, the patchouli into Gentleman and L’Interdit, the vetiver in lots of the masculine perfumes and the rose into practically in all the feminine perfumes , and more particularly in Very Irrésistible.

It is a sensual perfume, like a garment designed, by a couturier, around a modern molecule, with a refined elegance : the Ambrox. Just a a creation which has been thought to be worn by itself, as a unique piece, or combined with another one to create it’s own olfactive signature.


The Givenchy perfumes designed by Nathalie Lorson


“Peur de rien” is created around the narcissus, an unsual flower in perfumery. Do  tell us the story around it.


As this flower is rarely used in perfumery, it was precisely the occasion to highllght it , with the sparkling Tarocco orange and the sensual ylang ylang. In fact, I  heckled this white narcotic , animal flower with on one side, solar and sensual flowers that are almost animal and on the other, a  burst of joy and happiness. More, it is also an homage to Hubert de Givenchy’s passion for gardens.


nouveaux parfums givenchy


Where does the Tarocco  orange come from ?


The Tarocco orange is nothing more than a blood orange from Sicily. It has  a less sweet smell, but is more acidulous and more sour than an orange from Florida or Brasil.


What about a few words about the other Givenchy perfumes 


What other fragrances have you created for the Atelier Givenchy, the previous collection ?


I created “Chypre Caresse”, a fresh chypre in coherence with the timeless Haute Couture dress. Then, at the opposite, “Cuir Blanc” a neo-leather which is totally carnal.  In reference to the start of perfumery with the perfumers- glove makers.


nouveaux parfums givenchy


You worked on the new version of Gentleman, how did it evolve and how did you modernize it ?


The original version of Gentleman Givenchy has joined up the masculine perfumes club, in the seventies, after Eau de Vetyver and Monsieur de Givenchy.In that time, it revolutionalized the codes with a woody, floral fougere, including patchouli,vetiver and spices. Then, forty years later, a new interpretation appeared with different notes hint, depending on the concentrations. So, Gentleman is a woody eau de toilette, holding  oak moss, cedar and ambrox along with iridescent and violet effects as headnotes. More, Gentleman eau de parfum is even more oriental woody, so it is more sensual and warmer, while keeping a note of iris, but which is also mild with the benzoin. And finally, Gentleman eau de cologne is without fail, citrus and fresh with  a carott seed  effect . There is also a woody eaude parfum version and a eau de parfum intense.


Can you name the Givenchy perfumes that are to be remembered, in the olfactive point of view ?


I can cite, with no doubt, Ysatis, Amarige, Organza, Ange & Demon, and L’Interdit for the feminine ones, and then Py and Gentleman for the masculine ones. In general, the Givenchy perfumes have character, a signature and express a real power. As a result, each Givenchy perfume possesses a unique identity, and most of them have stamped the history of the perfumery. Eventually, a Givenchy creation upsets the codes, dare  a bias, and are of great quality.

In oder to know more about Nathalie Lorson, I recommend to read this article. Do tell me which is your favourite among the collection by a writing a message below.

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