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Bettina Aykroyd’s Chinese Portrait

Bettina Aykroyd’s chinese Portrait ? You have landed onto this page… by pure curiosity. I understand you and I thank you for beeing there ! I felt like a dynamic, original and humourisitic biography. So, you will understand that although remaining professional, I do not consider myself seriouly.

Bettina Aykroyd’s chinese Portrait

Where does your family name come from ?

  • Doesn’t it remind you of one of Agatha Christie’s novel ?
  • I am fan of Roger Ackroyd’s murder
  • Well yes, I have inherited it from an English father and a French mother
  • I adore Yorkshire, but it is not surprising as I come from there
  • I have red all the Brontë Sisters books and I devour the Yorkshire pudding with roastbeef and it’s mint sauce, on Sunday
  • I love surfing between the two cultures !…

What are the main features of your personality ?

  • I lay my nose everywhere !…
  • I am curious of everything
  • I love meeting and sharing with all types of passionate people
  • I imagine my life in pink, orange and navy-blue
  • I am persistent
  • I do not let go any of my projects, even though I can leave them apart for a short instant, I always come back to them

What is your motto ?

  •  In veritate victoria, my English family’s motto

What are your favourite countries ?

  • France
  • Great Britain
  • Italy

What is your Madelaine de Proust ?

  • I happen to have two… a French and English one !

Name your favorite music

  • I appreciate baroque music
  • Conductors fascinate me, in particular William Christie
  • Of course, I listen to Mozart and Bach
  • I am connected regularly onto Radio Classique
  • I run onto the musical rythms.

What are your favorite boutiques ?

  • With no doubts, the Parisian and Londonian bookshops that I visit most frequently…
  • I a Bon Marché addict in Paris
  • I go religiously to Fortnum&Mason in London

Have you received Awards ?

  • Yes and I am very proud
  • I am a member of the Brotherhood of the lavender
  • A wonderfull memory in the Louis Peyron, Lucien Ferrero and Max Gavarny’s company, both perfumers

Bettina Aykroyd’s chinese portrait of perfume and flavors

What was your first perfume ?

  • I was mad about Eau Folle from Guy Laroche
  • Then I immersed myself into Eau de Roche from Rochas, today named Eau from Rochas

What are the fragrances that you cannot go without ?

  • The tuberose from the first Chloé creation was marvellous, I miss it
  • Vamp from Honoré des Prés, created by Olivia Giacobetti is favorite tuberose
  • Never without Musc Ravageur by Maurice Roussel, from the Frederic Malle Editions
  • My lucky charm Guiding Water from Guillaume Flavigny from The Harmonist
  • My cuddly fragrance Magnetic Woods by Guillaume Flavigny from The Harmonist

Onto what odour do you lay your nose on ?

  • Honeysuckle, roses, lilac, but also cut grass and the laurel from my grandmother’s garden
  • Lemon, verbena are truly joyful nuggets

What is your English Madeleine de Proust ?

  • I am mad about spring flowers such as the wild hyacinths, the lilac, the wisteria
  • The smell of chimney fires, the odour of the wood rock me

What are the unavoidable flavors for you ?

  • I never say no to chocolate and to a Chestnut and meringue Montblanc from Angelina , in Paris
  • The mince pies, the Christmas pudding the After-Eights
  • I have a gift for pastry
  • I am captivated by the chemistry and the alchemy of pastries and creams