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Posted by on Feb 23, 2021 in Smell/Taste | 0 comments

What are Guillaume Flavigny’s latest perfumes ?

What are Guillaume Flavigny’s latest perfumes ?


I want to talk to you about Guillaume Flavigny’s most recent perfumes, who is perfumer at Givaudan. Today, he is back from New York, where he spent  5 years. That is why  I want to tell you about his american experience, by doing a second podcast, on Tatousenti. With his acute and always positive eye, Guillaume shares with us his last creations, and the natural, innovative, sustainable ingredients at Givaudan, in order to create a more virtuous perfumery.

If you want to listen to Guillaume’s two first episodes, let’s meet on Acast here or on my website by clicking here.


Can you name Guillaume’s latest perfume ?


Conversation with Guillaume Flavigny


First episode


Guillaume Flavigny latest perfumes


Among the ones that Guillaume talks about, in the Tatousenti podcast, I felt like putting in the spotlight Vétiver Moloko from Ex Nihilo, and Forest Lung from The As far as the others are concerned, I let you to discover them by listening. The only hint I give you concerns two new perfumes, from the Harmonist, one from Tom Ford, and a tonka bean from Commodity, an american Brand

Moon Glory from The Harmonist


 Moon Glory  reflects this moment that is in between the disappearance of the sun under the horizon, but before the fall of the night. It is a fleeting instant but a moment, where the air intensifies the perfume. Moon Glory is a subtle mixture of Hawaien jasmine, a mexican cactus flower associated to a passion flower. All underlined by notes of lichi, honey and ylang ylang warmed up by an amber musk.


Guillaume Flavigny

Vétiver Moloko from Ex Nihilo


You have certainly understood, that Guillaume is fond of vétiver… Here, the vétiver is joined by a veil of milk, a wink of an eye to the famous russian cocktail. As to the heart, the vanilla gives warm and confortable accents.


Guillaume Flavigny


Do tell me what is your favourite perfume signed by Guillaume Flavigny by leaving  a message below.

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