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Sonia Constant, perfumer globe trotter

Posted by on Mar 21, 2019 in Podcast | 0 comments

Are perfumers keen travellers ? Yes, of course. Nevertheless, are they trips across the borders or spiritual ones ? Today, I have met Sonia Constant, who has travelled for a great number of years. More she only travels with her portable headspace ! It’s a device which allows to capture whatever plants she wants, without damaging the nature ! Her trips are just as much her travels in IRL… in real life as her spirituals ones ! To your earphones…

Just follow me for a mimosa week end

Posted by on Mar 19, 2019 in Smell/Taste | 0 comments

The flowering time of the mimosa is about to end. However, there is still time left to to go on a mimosa week end ! As a matter of fact, the 2019 season has been good but late. So the the road of the Mimosa goes through 8 towns, from Bormes-les-Mimosa up to Grasse, that is to say 130 kilometers in total ! Do follow me, I went this year and I tell you  my tips.

Sylvaine Delacourte loves challenges

Posted by on Mar 11, 2019 in Podcast | 0 comments

Perfume came into Syvaine Delacourte ‘s life only at the age of 30. She spent 30 years at the  very heart of Guerlain, and at the end of 30 years at Guerlain, she creates her brand of niche perfumes in her own name. As a passionate of perfume, she decided to create a brand of niche perfumes, in her own name. So,she took the challenge by playing around variations of famous or not so well known raw materials. In that respect, Sylvaine tells about her start, as well as her passion along with her new challenges of entrepreneur.

Serge Mansau, a free man

Posted by on Mar 6, 2019 in Portrait, Smell/Taste | 1 comment

Who can name a famous perfume House who has not a perfume bottle, designed by Serge Mansau, to show… To my view, they all have one. To day, the Artist, the Man, the Sculptor  with an endless creativity,passed away. From now on, the perfumery world is left orphaned of a genious creator and of  a free man… I suggest, you follow me, so to discover better the complex personality of this man, famous for his 250 perfume bottles and his sculptures

Mugler comes back to the Cologne

Posted by on Mar 1, 2019 in Choose a perfume, Citrus family, Citrus Family, Men's fragrance, Smell/Taste, Women's fragrance | 0 comments

18 years after the launch of the Cologne Originelle, created by Alberto Morillas, the perfume of all possible. Mugler reconsiders the topic of the Mugler Cologne. This time, the brand offers five fragrances, which used either on its own or mixed  together, gives an unlimited choice of extraordinary experiences, inspired by unique sensations. For the occasion of a new voyage, I inviteyou to explore Run Free from Shyamala Maisondieu, who is perfumer at Givaudan.

The mimosa agenda, a fragrant voyage

Posted by on Feb 19, 2019 in Fragrant plants, Gardens, Smell/Taste | 1 comment

The mimosa is for now… because it is in flower and it fills with it’s perfume the mimosa route,in the South of France… You will be able to admire it on the mimosa route, in one word during 300 km accross 8 villages. That is to say, Bormes-Les-Mimosas, Sainte Maxime, Saint Raphael, Mandelieu-la-Napoule, Tanneron, Pégomas, Grasse… Follow me, I tell ypu all about this year 2019 mimosa agenda.

New de Laire bases by Symrise

Posted by on Dec 26, 2018 in Smell/Taste | 0 comments

Symrise ? is one of the four major perfume creation companies, as well as Firmenich, IFF, and Givaudan. Of German origin, Symrise comes as the result of numerous acquired companies, such as the De Laire House. After a long reflexion, carried out by the company, new bases were to be launched, in view of today ‘s vision of the perfumery, and by using the De Laire know-how.

Who were the De Laire factories ?

Posted by on Jul 8, 2018 in Smell/Taste | 0 comments

De Laire ? Have you ever heard about this name ? At first, no, unless  from a professional of the perfume industry or a passionate. However, it is a myth for the perfumers-creators. But, why & for what reason ? In fact, many major fragrances contain De Laire bases, which have contributed the fame of these creations. The De Laire house can be compared to the image of Lesage, the famous embroidery house or Lemarié, in the fashion universe !… I am pleased, without further ado, to let you discover it’s history and know-how.

Do you know who is Ella K ?

Posted by on May 17, 2018 in Choose a perfume, Smell/Taste | 0 comments

Today, the niche perfume brands are pure madness ! Yet, are they many brands founded by a woman, and more by a perfumer-creator ? Up to now, one can mention Patricia de Nicholaï, Olivia Giacobetti with Iunx, or also Lynn Harris with Perfume H. But  now, I suggest to discover Sonia Constant, perfumer at Givaudan, and founder of the brand Ella K.