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Posted by on Feb 15, 2019 in Choose a perfume, Floral Family, Smell/Taste, Women's fragrance | 0 comments

Lovely Alba from Mizensir

Lovely Alba from Mizensir

Lovely Alba is one of the last perfume of the Mizensir brand. Above all,it is a charming,loving and caring story from father and grandfather. In fact, Alberto Morillas imagined Lovely Alba for Veronique, his daughter and Bianca, his granddaughter. Therefore, he expresses in a perfume all the empathy and love of a father.



The Lovely Alba story

This perfume has a code number, just like any process of creation of a perfume. In other words, a secret name given by the perfumer who, by the way, does not  know the final name of the perfume. But, for this lovely story, Alberto reveals it for us.It will be «  While waiting for the baby »… a name that says all the love of a creator for his relatives.More,it expresses  the father and grandfather’s expectation who designs the most delicate fragrance for the mother and granddaughter to be born.

« Mizensir is the story of the family. It is what has guided me every time and ever since. One can only be sincere and genuine when creating with and for the loved ones. I cannot consider my work otherwise. In fact, each creation captures a  very special emotion and it is like an open book that drives and moves me. So,Lovely Alba is exactly this, as I created a moment of tenderness, into a delicate and flowery perfume, for my grandchild and her mother. » says Alberto Morillas, perfumer and founder of Mizensir


The olfactive path

Lovely Alba needed to be light, tender, have the innocence of a small child, while offering the power and the persistence for the eldest. And it is all there in this perfume. Therefore, with the grace and the delicacy of the neroli,supported by the orange flower, then into the transparent and freshness of the paradisone.Finally, the iris concrete offers its powdery elegance, along with the soothing sensuality of the  benzoin and vanilla.

Lovely Alba


Perfumer creator

Alberto Morillas is not only the perfumer but also the founder of Mizensir.

My impressions

It’s a real delight to smell such a fragrance ,which is all softness, delicacy and elegance. Like a caress, the orange flower cradles you tenderly into the refreshing and floral air of the paradisone. A synthetic molecule from Firmenish that smells of magnolia. Then , this tactile voyage  continues thanks to the iris, the vanilla and the benzoin

The year of creation

February 2019


100 ml 190 euros

Time of the day to wear it

At any time of the day and all the year round

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