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Posted by on Mar 24, 2019 in Home fragrance | 0 comments

How to perfume one’s home at a fair price ?

How to perfume one’s home at a fair price ?

Do you light a candle in winter or in the spring ? Never mind. Perfume one’s home makes you feel good.. More, breathing pleasant perfumes, allows relaxation and well-being. Today, I talk not only about new fragrances to perfume your home but  candles at a fair price !


Sandalwood at les Bougies de Charroux

Sandalwood and cedar from Libanon are the two novelties of the Bougies de Charroux. These are two fragrances and two majestic trees that will take you towards remote countries such as India and libanon. Finally, these candles  smell of a woody perfume. My favorite is the Sandawood with a warm and conforable perfume. There are notes of wood mingled with spices, associated with a small greedy note of caramel that will be spraid into your home.

Parfumer sa maison

The packaging is a wink to the Bonne Maman jar of jam, that can be used afterwards as a pot for pencils or a jar for spices… More, don’t hesitate to buy more than one,as there are 90 different fragrances in the catalog, at the most reasonable price of 8,50 to 10 euros. In addition, the Bougies de Charroux are not only hand-crafted, made in France but they are also the only ones to be certified with the RAL label. So,it means that while burning, these candles do not produce soot or a black smoke. In one word, it’s a guarantee of quality and respect of the preservation of people and environment.


Bark of Maple from the Durance Bibliothèque de Parfums

At the heart of the collection of the «Bibliothèque de Parfums » from Durance, three new perfumes join this beautiful line of 15 candles. Café creme,Mirabelle and  Ecorce d’Erable are the new comers ! My favorite tends to be Ecorce d’Erable, which is a soft and woody perfume. This is due to the tender and reassuring facets associated to the tonka bean, a wink to the soft perfume of vanilla.


Parfumer sa maison



At Durance, the masters candle makers worked during many years on the development of a unique mixture of wax, of an upgrade quality. This how they can provide an homogeous and entire burning with an optimal spread at the same time. More,each wick is selected in order to have a perfect spread…

Finally, the perfumes are made in Provence, according to a naturality charter. Their candles are sold at 16,50 euros  per candle of 180 gr.


Fleur capillaire from Aroma Zone


The fleur capillaire from Aroma Zone offers another way  of perfuming your home. In fact, it means a diffusion by capillarity. This flower becomes impregnated of your mixtures to be diffused and fills with its fragrance the room where you put it, for some weeks. It’s ideal to perfume and decorate your interior according to the seasons and your mood. More, you  can choose between various flowers, such as the rose, the dahlia flower , the hibiscus…


Parfumer sa maison


As they are hand-crafted, the ceramic of each flower is very elegant and of a fine texture. Ultimately, you can also make your for an essential oil, or a perfume that you have created or bought. The price is 2,50 euros , but it will depend on the choice of your essential oil…


The atomizer Eole from Aroma Zone

With the atomizer Eole, you can enjoy all the benefits from the diffused essential oils. To that effect, it produces a fine water mist loaded with essential oils, which allows to  moisturize and purify the atmosphere at the same time. In addition the LED lighting with changing colours favors a moment of relaxation. Finally, it’s bamboo base and it’s opaline glassware are of good quality.

Parfumer sa maison


It’s a smart designed object which is very easy to  place in any rooms of the house. You ony have to choose your perfume to diffuse… It is a bit more expensive than a candle… as it costs 49 euros , but on the other hand, you will only have to buy the essential oil …

Do let me know which is your favorite fragrance to diffuse in your house by leaving a message below.


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