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11 fragrances smelling lily of the valley

11 fragrances smelling lily of the valley

Lily of the valley ! Even since the Antiquity, the beginning of the beautiful days, in other words, the spring is celebrated with this famous flower. The romans used to celebrate it until the beginning of the month of may, as the Florales, in honor of Flora, the goddess of the flowers. In fact, it’s only at the beginning of the nineteeth century, that it is associated with Labor Day, in France. But what about it’s perfume ? It is discreet and delicate.. On the other hand, this flower is said to be mute in perfumery, because it is very fragile and cannot be distilled. However, the lily of the valley represents, for me, an “Ode to Joy” and the energy instilled by the spring.


The novelties around this spring flower


Lily of the valley from Molinard

This flower is to be found at Molinard within the Exclusive collection. It’ s a lily of the valley which is an invitation to escape to a lush garden. One does follow the smell all along. Nevertheless, this lovely, small, flower is supported by a rose and a lotus.




Totally White from Parle moi de Parfum

Totally White, this delicious perfume of spring flowers, belongs to the lovely fragrance collection of Parle-moi de Parfum. Michel Almairacthe brand perfumer found his inspiration, during an early morning walk, in the spring ,into the magnificent Parc Monceau.

You will smell the lilac, the seringa,the wisteria… all the spring flowers I am so fond of. In fact, there is no lily of the valley, but nevertheless, while smelling it, I think of the lily of the valley. Totally White has a soft , fresh, sparkling trail. In one word, like a whiff of happiness. By the way, do not hesitate to meet Abie and her partner Pamela, at the Printemps de la beauté, in Paris, located in the Scent Room, on the first floor. They will delighted to help you in your choice.


Lucky from Christian Dior

Lucky has joined the Collection Privée Dior. Today, this same collection is now named « Maison Christian Dior » and includes 23 fragrances, the last one being Dioramour, which I will tell you about soon. In effect, Lucky is a wink to Monsieur Dior’s favorite and lucky charm flower. So, it was obvious that after Diorissimo, launched in 1956, it was time for a new interpretation of the lily of the valley.



Moreover, according to Poline Ferron,, the perfume expert at the Printemps, « it is watery, airy, much more green than Diorissimo, onto a musky powdery and sensual base ». If you want to meet her, she works at the Dior stand of the Printemps de la Beauté, in Paris.


Rosine’s lily of the valley from the parfumes of Rosine.

This perfume has been designed by Nicolas Bonneville, perfumer at Fragrance Ressources, on behalf of Marie-Helène Rogeon, the founder of the Parfums de Rosine. It’s about an accord of a rose and jasmin, modernised by a peowny note. You will only find it at the boutique Parfums Rosine, at the Palais Royal, in Paris.


The classics


Lily of the valley Porcelaine from Hermès

There, Jean-Claude Elena, who was very close to Edmond Roudniska, the perfumer-creator of Diorissimo, pays a tribute to him, with Muguet Porcelaine, from Hermès. Therefore, he wished to express all the delicacy of the lily of the valley, along with it’s hidden strength, behind a candid look.



In fact, you will not only smell the odour of the flowers ,but also the stem. As a result, this is how Muguet Porcelaine appears closer to reality. More, the fragrance reveals all the facets of the lily of the valley, which are green, fresh to start with, then becoming more and more intense, jus as if in the heart of a bell.


Muguet Blanc from Van Cleef & Arpels

Muguet Blanc is part of Van Cleef & Arpels, the jeweller’s Collection Extraordinaire. Antoine Maisondieu, the perfumer from Givaudan, wanted to chisel a lily of the valley, while preserving all the touching and gracious delicacy of the flower. In the end, this white flower stands along side the peony, with a touch of neroli and a caress of cedar and musk.



The lily of the valley from Goutal Paris

This spring flower is offered everywhere in France, on the first of may to bring you luck and happiness.It has been designed by Isabelle Doyen, an independant perfumer, as a medley of green notes, softened by the balsamic facet of the benzoin. The Muguet from Goutal Paris appears like a lucky charm, and a delight spring with the promise of a nice summer…


The lily of the valley in England


 The Lily of valley from Penhaligon’s

This perfume is a very beautiful soliflore with vibrating accords of lily of the valley. In fact, it  recreates the unique odour of the flower freshly picked. This white bell is associated to the rose, the jasmin and the ylang yang, onto a creamy base of sandalwood and oak moss. It comes out just as a whiff of optimism and energy, really perfect to wake you up after the winter.


Lily of the valley from Floris

This perfume is cheerful, light- hearted, celebrates the spring, while contributing to beautiful, fresh ideas for the Floris House. It’s a real dream in green and white. This perfume was created in 1700, by Juan Farmenis Floris, the founder. Up to this day, it remains one the best Floris sales.

This timeless soliflore is not as simple as it looks. A symphony of 250 essences are hidden behind it. So it starts on green notes, that are  refreshed by a lemon, before plunging onto a heart of flowers of rose, jasmine and ylang ylang.Then, the lily of the valley falls onto a base of musk !


The key players lily of the valley

It’s once more due to François Coty that we owe the first lily of the valley fragrance. I am sure, you have guessed that it is, the Muguet des Bois, created in 1941, by Henri Robert ! It won a great success in the States. Then, around ten years later the Caron House launched Muguet du Bonheur, created by Michel Morsetti.


Diorissimo by Dior

It’s exactly the fragrance that you go for to smell, at the begginning of may, at the Dior boutique , Avenue Montaigne. It represents perfectly the spirit of Christian Dior lucky charm flower. This is how, Edmond Roudnitska decided to break up with the too smooth fragrances of the time. So, he simplified his formulaes, in order to tend towards fresher and more transparent odors.


More, wanting to create an identical « lily of the valley to the one he smelt in his garden, he designed  the olfactive construction of  Diorissimo, in 1955. It is ,then that Christian Dior and Edmond Roudnitska met. So, Diorissimo took birth from a symbiosis of ideas, which was revealed as a » super » perfume, the last one of the soliflores. More this fragrance will benefit from René Grau’s genious illustration : a woman from behind, holding a bouquet of lily of the valley. As Christian Dior said » Diorissimo is the spirit of Christian Dior, the perfumed whiff of it’s soul ».


Lily of the valley from Guerlain

This perfume was launched by Jacques Guerlain, in 1908. So, the Guerlain House celebrated it’s 110th anniversary. For the limited edition, Guerlain had a partnership with the Guillemette House, one of the parisian references, for their jewels and head accessories.Guillemette, the founder and creator celebrated the lily of the valley with a floral ornament, all in volume and lightness. For the occasion it’s flacon decorated with bees, is frosted.

Do tell me which is your favorite lily of the valley perfume by leaving a message below.





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