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The sense of smell film, part 2

The sense of smell film, part 2

Just a few days to wait to discover “The sense of Smell” film on the Parisian and French screens ! While waiting, I suggest to discover Molly Birbaumand all the other actors that you wimm listen to.

Molly Birbaum

L'odorat 3Is the main actor of the film “The Sebse of Smell”. This young woman tells us the circumstances of her accident which led her ro lose her sense of smell. When her great love comes back to see her to help her, she realzes that she does not detect his special odour anymore.

One must know that Moly was planning to become a chef. So from one day to the next, her life is thrown right of the track. More, she realizes to what point, the sense of smell counts in our life, witthout being conscious of it. From that moment on, she becomes passionate for this sense she lost.As a journalist then, Moly writes <Season to Tastz. “How I lost my Sense of Smell and found my way” published at the Harper/Collins editions. This book takes us to her research of the sense of smell,from its pshychology up to its scientific mecanism. Eventually, the most extraordinary thing happened, Molly started to re-smell the odour of the cucumber one day while she was preparing a salad, garlic…chocolate and even the one of the bagels. That is how her damaged olfactive receptors due to the accident, woke up gradually !

Other actors appear around Molly

The other actors

  • Master Yu Hui Tseng, Master of the reemony of the Gung Fu Cha is provided with the most refine nose. Maitre TsengAccording journalistic sources, the team of the film could not wear perfume without disturbing him. Master Tseng could even regognize who entered his office, by his odour.
  • Olivier Roellinger, native from Cancale in Brittzny, chef of the Maison Bricourt and composer of spices. The latter is fascinated by the odours, coming through the wind. As a matter of fact, he has written a book called <the perfumes of childhood>followed by “Spices and Roelinger” in 2012.
  • Chandler Burr is an olfactive critic for the New York Times and the author behind “The Emperor of scent”. In 2010, he founded the olfactive Art department, at the Museum of Art and Design in New York with the Art of Scent 1889-2012, his first exhibition.

nguyen2Kim Nguyen’s five dtscoveries

  • The anosmia ( loss of smell)

“For me, Molly is my most astonoshing dicovery, she is this young woman who lost her sense of smell, after an accident. All the way through her seach to recover it, I hope that the spectator will also rediscover this sense !

  • The ambergris

It is most likely one of the strangest materials that exist in the world. Its price in wheight is higher than the gold.

  • The truffle

The trufflehas a real life of its own,because if it is prevented to breathe if packed too hemertically,it dies. Its perfumeis powerful enough to fill a whole room, but it disappears if it is asphystiated.

  • The odour of the space

It was a greai privilege to interview Chris Hadfield as he was able to describe the odour of the space.

  • The odour and desire

I have learnt that studies have prooved that women choose their partners, inconsciously, by relying on their odour, and that a relationship can succeed or fail on the base of the mutual odours. Nature has required it, so that we become complementary according to our DNA . So, in fact we believe that we master our fate or our choices, bu tin the end we are largely slave to our primary indtinct, just like the animals.

To know more

Clck here to find out about the time-table of the performances and in which it is shown in France.

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