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The sense of smell, a film, on show on February 10th

The sense of smell, a film, on show on February 10th

The Kim Nguyen film “The nose”, produced in 2014, in Quebec, will come out in Paris and in France, on February 10th. Renamed “The sense of smell” ; the producer invites us to an olfactory voyage , through the mysteries of the sense of smell, the taste, the sense of touch. The film leads to realize that, altough miused, the sense of smell is a sense of primary importance to the human being. One can sense it !

The sense of smell, a Kim Nguyen film

L'odoratIn Quebec, the film comes out under the title “The Nose” to become in France, under “The Sense of Smell” Why this change ? Tom Roeloffs, the Jupiter Communication founder’s son, explains to me that each films adapted to the French audience. So, the word “The nose” refers the “the perfumers-creators” which is not the subject of the film. In fact, Kim Nguyen, talks about odors and its olfactive sense, so to say the sense of smell, without not forgetting, the sub-title “the odors just as the colours are repeated endlessly”. More, the Jupiter Communications team have have worked onto the poster of the film so to be more compatble with the taste and wtih what the French audience is looking for.

The trailer of the Sense of Smell

Click here to see the extract

The genesis of the film the Sense of Smell

It alla started when Kim Nguyen’s producer, Lucie Tremblay, offered him to look onto the most neglected and most sulphurousL'odorat 1 sense. He ends up by accepting, for the hedonist side of the adventure-The aromatic Science of food and wines- from François Chartier, the documentary film by Kim Nguyen, the producer (nominated at the 2013 Oscars for his Rebelle, in the best foreign film) takes us to a fascinating voyage, around the world, to discover the aromas and their relationship.

As Kim Nguyen underlines it, “What attracted most while creating this film, was the L'odorat 3link between the sense of smell, the desire and the memory. When you mention it to somebody, he knows exactly what you mean. So, we alla have an odour that reminds us of our chidhood. The scientific side of the sense of smell bears something which is very poetic. There is a direct link, without interfrence, between the sense of smell and the physiclal memory. It’s a visceral and animal sense. For him, if the sense of smell has an occult dimension, it is due to its properties that are either erotic, or either spiritual.

The film producer becomes then conscious, while discussing with Joe Bini, who is the film maker of the documentarist Werner Herzog, that the Odour cannot be the main actor of the film. This is how Molly Birmbaum becomes the main actress of the film.

Who is Jupiter Communications ?

It’a French production and distribution of  films and documentaries company, founded 30 years ago by Jan Roeloffs. Today, he works with his son Tom who tells me that “Jupiter Communications is a company of passionate. Our films and documentaries are focused to share the knowledge and to favour the well-being. More precisely, we try trough their message to give concrete solutions”. The editorial line relies on three concepts, that is to say heritage film such as Providence by Alain Resnais, art-house films quch as Milarepa, the way to happiness and documentary films such as Yogananda, health in your plate and the Sense of Smell.

While discussing with Tom, I notice his passion for the odours. He tells me how his grandmother used to talk to her flowers while covering them with an anti-freeze blanket. He believes, also in the emotional intelligence of the plants. What about the odours ? He mentions the ones of the lavander which remind him of his childhood in Marseille, the trees after the rain, or also the of the odour of the pine trees. What about his perfume ? Terre by Hermès, a beautiful green and mineral fragrance with lovely roots, woody resins from the Atlas and vetiver..

Click here to find out the time scedule of the showing, the different towns where it is on display.

I invite you to come back next week, so to discover Molly Birmbaum and all the other passionted and fascinating actors around her.

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