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Posted by on Nov 23, 2014 in Smell/Taste | 0 comments

The Aroma-Zone Spa in Paris

The Aroma-Zone Spa in Paris

In the heart of Paris, the Aroma-Zone spa contributes to a new air among the town-spas. According to its philosophy, the brand has created multi-sensorial treatments with made to measure products ;only for you at a very reasonable price. I highly recomend this peace heaven such as a spot of nature in the middle of Paris… I have tested !

On my arrival at the first floor of the spa, I felt the sereine and convivial atmosphere, the marvellous way to let go. To offer oneself one hour of cocooning, is absoluely necessary, if not indispensable to indulge one regulary ! The spa offers various cabins with a balneotherapy conceived in respect with the environment, and built on 150 square meters big.


Test and preparations of the treatment


In order to have a 100% made to measure treatment, you will be invited to answer to 14 questions from an Ipad. This diagnosis application, which has needed 6 months development, takes into account the different points of your needs (type of skin and its needs) your health (allergies, pregancy…) your desirs (what perfume or what music you like) the level of pressure on your face or body, dialogue or not with your beauty specialist, the galenic of the product…).



Then you are invited to be present to the preparation of the products. So, I assist to the creation of the products for my facial, dressed in a robe that is not quite flattering but perfect in regards to the hygien ! I am fascinated, just like a little girl, in front of the beauty specialist who prepares,like a chef, all the Aroma-Zone products.


On the way to the cabin Aroma-Zone Spa


When everything is ready, I am asked to go into the cabin, perfumed with essential oils. The essential oils previously chosen during the questionary,in softened light and on an airy musical background. I have chosen the verbena for its joyful and optimistic smell.

Each cabin is meant to be like a fairy cocoon of serenity ,that is why the treatment is given under a starry voult made of strecht veils that are retro enlightened.



Once, laid on the relaxing chair, the treatment operates in the classical manner, that to say by cleansing, massage and a mask. But this treatment is exceptional, as it resides on the work accomplished onthe Chinese points by the expertise of the beauticianwho has magic hands. A real delight. The massage of the scalp is to be mentioned and is marvellous.

One comes out no need to say, with scruffy hair and not very neat ! Nevertheless,it is a great moment all to oneself with relaxed facial features. I really recommend this treatment . More, the prices are very reasonnable in regards to the top quality of the beautycare.


Tell me what you have thought of it if you are in Paris and experienced it


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