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Posted by on May 30, 2016 in Conference, Events | 0 comments

Niche brands at the Osmotheque

Niche brands at the Osmotheque

Niche brands and private Collections : How is the perfumer’s perfumery today ? This is the next conference of the Osmotheque, at Versailles, on Saturday April 2016 9th, at 2 pm, conducted by Stephanie Bakouche.As an independant perfumer, based in Grasse, she is very knowledgeable about the subject, having worked for the Artisan Parfumeur. It sounds as a very interesting conference.

Stephanie Bakouche invites you into the heart of the world of the niche brands and of the private collections. They are brands, born to be contrary to a perfumery which launched, then fragrances for the many. Yet the creativity was starting not to be their priority.


Niche brands and private Collections

The first niche brands appeared between the year 1976 and 1980. The first one was the Artisan Parfumeur, founded by Jean Laporte who will pursue after with « Maître Parfumeur et Gantier ». Then, Annick Goutal was second. At the time,the reason being for those brands,was to face the large groups, by offering to perfume lovers,more creative fragrances.



The marketing was still intuitive,and a professional information was done in their own boutique. Today, the tendancy has evolved so much, that the luxury brands have also launched their private Collections. These niche brands make a point of resisting towards standardisation and the consensual perfumes meaning that those are to please the biggest number of consumers.


The different niche brands

After these two forerunners that were the Artisan Parfumeur and Annick Goutal, others came after. Such as :

  • The ones launched by perfumers like Parfum Nicholaï by Patricia de Nicholaï, The Different Company by Jean-Claude Ellena and Thierry de Bachmakoff, Parfum d’Empire by Marc-Antoine Corticchiato.
  • The ones by profesionals coming from the perfumery,like Edition Frederic Malle, le Labo, Serge Lutens.
  • The ones coming from overseas like Floris,Penthaligon’s, Santa Maria Novella.
  • And the rebirth of old brands like Lubin, Piguet, Le Gallion,Poiray.


Niche Brands



«  This other type of perfumery, allows to consider another way of creating perfume. It requires a real advice, a thorough education on perfume » tells me Stephanie Bakouche.Yet, the distribution needs to be reinvented. However, its development demonstrates that a kind of perfumery is entering a downturn. Do not miss this conference, as Stephanie is so pasionate, she will let you smell the most beautiful fragrances.

Who is Stephanie Bakouche ?

After her graduation at l’ISIPCA, she works for Guerlain before joining the Artisan Parfumeur.Passionate equally by the transmission thant he creation, she has recovered her freedom, today, and has become an independant perfumer. Based in Grasse, she is also a member of the Osmotheque and operates the olfactive conferences at the MIP.

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