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Posted by on Mar 28, 2016 in Smell/Taste | 0 comments

Esxence Milan in 2016

Esxence Milan in 2016

Esxence Milan salon is at J-three days… It is the niche perfume brands meeting where everybody rushes to, so to launch their latest creation… In the end, Itally prevails over France, the country of the creation of perfumes.If you don’t go to Esxence Milan, it’s bad luck for you, as otherwise you become «  a has been ».


Esxence Milan, an unavoidable meeting

They all are on their way to Milan !…Milan prevails before France. The French media has not anymore the primer of the information of the new launches of the niche brands. It all has become «  business »… What a pity. But tn order to hide it, we are invaded with articles, conferences on the Olfaction, the creation, and the sudden importance of the sense of smell. In conclusion, if you do not have your ticket for Milan, you are not up to standard !…


And you better talk either English or Italian, as there is no informations in French.Nevertheless, if you happen to be in Milan, during the following dates (March 31st till April3rd), you are aloud to sniff the latest tendancies of the niche brands.

Let’s remain positive !

One cannot deny that Italy has stil a traditional perfumery distribution, that is more able to show niche brands. More creative and more dynamic, it is not surorising that, in 2002, the town of Florence organized the first salon Fragranze, dedicated to niche brand perfumes, under the auspices of Pitti Imagine, then of Masterpieces into the heart of the huge salon of Bololgne and in the end, 7years ago, Esxence Milan, organized by Silvio Levi, who is at the head of his famiily business Cale but also co-founder of the Parisian Nose boutique.

Magna Pars, the first perfume hotel

Three years ago, the Martone family, one of the oldest family of perfumers of Milan, decided after the removal of their factory to Lodi, to transform their Milanese factory, into a Perfume hotel,

Magna Pars Hotel, is at the heart of the five stars hotel, located int he historical part of Milan, the major place for design and fashion, Roberto Martone decded to add a laboratory LabSolue.



The whole building echoes to the world of perfume and specially to its ingredients. As a matter of fact, each suite is perfumed and carries the name of a perfume plant. The first building is dedicated to perfume woods, with among others, the number 8 suite that smells of patchouli, while the second building has flowers abd fruits odours.

As a matter of fact, the number 26 suite smells of the frangipani flower, and the number 25 of orange flower. Each client or not, has the opprtunity to assist to a workshop about the fragrances of the hotel. At the end, you will be able to buy the fragrance of your room or  one of another..



Magna Pars has been concieved to illustrate the excellency of the Italian knw-how and its hospitality. With its trees, flowers ahd the hidden garden that unfolds the sensual facets, the hotel has become a magical place with a tree of life, as symbol. So, the essence of life reunites the perfume, the garden and the breath of life.

A few words about the Martone family

Founded in 1940, by Vincento Martone, the Marvin company was specialized in the manufacturing of antibiotics. Then, in 1960.



It will be a new venture to start with perfumes and cosmetics, by Roberto, the son who suceeded to his father, and created ICR Cosmetics, the manufacturer of the greatest designers such as Versace, Trussardi, Pomelatto, Bulgari… A real and wonderful successs story !…

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