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Posted by on Feb 22, 2017 in Chypre Family, Citrus Family, Fragrances, Men's fragrance, Women's fragrance | 0 comments

Eau Dynamisante celebrates it’s 30 summer

Eau Dynamisante celebrates it’s 30 summer

1978-2007 ! It’s already thirty years ago, that Jacques Courtin-Clarins, launched Eau Dynamisante. This beautiful red flacon, in a round shape has still not taken a ride : nor it’s fragrance which is timeless and joyful. In order to celebrate it’s 30 summers, Eau Dynamisante comes out in an limited edition flacon. Let’s look back onto this lovely story and from now on, a Clarins cult fragrance.


Eau Dynamisante by Clarins


The story of the Eau Dynamisante Clarins

It unveils an all new gesture ! It takes on the appearance of the beauty care gesture. So the Eau Dynamisante started a new family of products, the Jacques Courtin-Clarins, the founder of this brand Aromaphytocare who never stopped thinking and innovating for women,to make them even more beautiful. A true gentleman who I was so happy to interview.


The lovely story around the Eau Dynamisante Clarins

So chic, So Clarins ! It is a fabulous cocktail of aromatic essential oils and healing extracts of plants. This well-being water is the companion of the whole family, at all hours of the day. As it’s name suggests, it is the best way to feel happy and smell good, just as much before sport than afterwoods. I have experienced it, before running ! but i will admit I have a preference for the Eau Ressourçante ! Shh ! …

The olfactive itinerary

 It is a concentrate of citrus fruits such as the lemon and the orange, along with destressing aromats such as the white tyme and the lavandin. It smells of happiness, joy, sun, and good temper… It related to the Eau Sauvage without being the same. It’s not a fresh water as it is supported by woody notes, such as the patchouli. The Eau Dynamisante belongs more to the Chypre perfumes. 


The perfumer-creator 

Jean-François Latty, an independent perfumer

Olfactive family 

Citrus family with a Chypre base note

Date of birth 

February 2017

The other perfumes in this Collection 

Eau Resourcante, Eau des Jardins

Recommended time to wear 

At all time of the day except in the evening.

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