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Conference on the Volnay Perfume House at l’Osmothèque – Paris

Conference on the Volnay Perfume House at l’Osmothèque – Paris

Muriel Madeline has relaunched the Volnay perfume house with her husband Olivier Madeline,as it is their family brand ever since 1919. Muriel will tell us all about the fabulous story of the perfume house and its rebirth, this Monday February 8th, at 7pm ; at the Ecole Superieure du Commerce Exterieur ; in Paris. Muriel will have the company of Jean-Marie Martin-Hattenberg, expert of the Cour d4appel of Versailles and of the auction room, the Hotel Drouot. As all the conferences of the Osmotheque, you must not miss this one !

The Volnay perfume house and the story of a couple

© Dimitri Nube

© Dimitri Nube

The Volnay perfume house belongs to the French iconic brands of the perfumery of the twenties. It started in 1919, under the impulse of a woman Germaine Madeline Duval and her husband René Duval. Today, another couple Muriel and Olivier Madeline, who are descendants of the family have decided in 2014, to give a new lease to this wonderful perfume house.

Muriel Madeline will tell you the story of the past of this house but also the one of Volnay to day.Although,she does not deny the richness of the past of this house, she dedicated to the Volnay of today…In fact, Volnay appears again as a prestige perfume house Madeline likes to say that « it represents such an heritage that we have the duty of memory and to accomplish welll its development » She is also pleased to say that » Volnay ican be described as an olfactive voyage, with contrasts of the know-how of the former days and modernity.It carries a timeless and elegant style which takes us into the parisian universe of the Art Deco period It is important to surorise the consumer from his everyday life with perfume :as it remains the companion of all time, according to her, allowing to leave behind a trace,into people ‘s memory. She will remember persons by their fragrance.» You will have understood that perfume countsr a lot for Muriel. It is much more than a seduction weapon, it just like a friend who wishes you well ! »

The Volnay perfume house today

© Dimitri Nube

© Dimitri Nube

A first collection was created, two years ago now ; they are 5 fragrances, that can be compared to the 5 branches of a star. Four of them have been reformulated according to the standards of today, among which Perlerette,Yapana, Brume d’Hiver and Etoile d’Or are practically identical to the originals and one creation. Muriel underlines that « these fragrances have kept their original touch of the period when one talked of trail, personality, audacious women and pioneers. They are the hallmark of the parisian crazy years…Today, every detail has been carefully respected so to give again the aura of the French,refine and Parisian perfumer that of Volnay in the twenties. Now, Volnay is part of the luxury world along with the tradition. And Paris is it precious casket. »

It’s Amelie Bourgeois,the perfumer who has developed the formulaes. The fifth perfume, Objet Celeste, is a creation of today. Muriel will tell also the olfactive story of the Volnay perfumes   among which the famous base 4092,the olfactive music that is to be found in all the Volnay fragrances. Future plans ? A second star is being prepared with a new fragrance,very shortly.

The links between the Osmotheque and Volnay

© Dimitri Nube

© Dimitri Nube

Philippe Madeline, Olivier Madeline’s father gave to his son and daughter-in-lawMuriel,the catalogs and the formulaes of the Volnay perfumes. After having decided to relaunch the brand, Muriel and Oliver went to see Jean Kerleo, at the Osmotheque, as there were no olfactive trace left within the family. So, Jean Kerleo was able to reproduce four of the fragrances, that according to him, were the best ones to resume the spirit of Volnay perfumes. With that in mind « we went to see Jean Laporte, the founder of the Artisan Parfumeur, and the father of the niche perfumery, who also had worked with Oliver’s father »Muriel tells me.As he thought that these perfumes were magnificent, he encouraged them to relaunch the brand, thinking it was sad to leave such creations in a drawer. » It is Jean Kerleo and Jean Laporte who supported us and did incite us to undertake this such lovely adventure » said Muriel. During the conference, you will be able to smell 3 original Volnay fragrances with a surprise that I keep secret.

A bit of history to conclude…

It is Jean-Mari Martin-Hattenberg,;a passionate of the perfumery history and of René Duval who makes us travel into the history and will relate us anecdotes around Germaine Madeline and her husband René Duval.

For more informations

Meeting at the Ecole Superieure du Commerce Exterieur (ESCE) 10 rue Sextius Michel-75015 Paris (metro ;Bir-Hakeim or Duplex – Line 6)C

Conference : February 8th at 7pm Time 1h30

Resevations : Click here

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