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Posted by on Mar 21, 2016 in Books, Smell/Taste | 0 comments

Aroma-Zone publishes Aromatherapy Guide

Aroma-Zone publishes Aromatherapy Guide

Aroma-Zone is the front-line do it yourself cosmetic expert. More, it is recogntzed as a major actor for the quality and the seriousness of its essential oils.with a considerable choice. The guide reunites the aromatherapy and the natural beauty care products that were missing.


Several figures about this book

  • over 350 essential oils sheets,vegetable oils and other plant extracts
  • over 200 treated pathologies
  • over 100 beauty and well-being recipes
  • Price : 14,90 euros at the Aroma-Zone boutique or on




Who is Aude Maillard ?

Aude Maillard is Doctor of Pharmacy. Intented to a career in the pharmaceutical industry, she finds herself working for a retail pharmacie. But very soon after, I became conscious that I wanted to tackle health in a different way. I was looking , first of all ,for solutions into the field of medecine or the preventive one along, with the aromatherapy »



Aude will be trained by the best trainees, such as Dominique Baudoux for the aromatherapy, Gilles Fournil for the olfactotherapy Doctor Penöel for the quantic aromatherapy and Michel Odoul for the reflexology.So, it was an evidence that Aroma-Zone asked her to write this book.

My opinion on the book

I appreciated the book a lot as it is clear, practical and allows to reproduce the recipes easily. I have mainly tested the aromatherapy part. More precisely, I have done the mixture for a mental and discouragement decrease on oil or without oil which is mix of citrus fruits. Aude advises also a mix of pine base that I have had time to test..

Otherwise, I have tried the one against colds, rhinitis or runy nose. Then, there is a mix against physical and mental fatigue. All those mixtures are efficient and I am very pleased. I plan to pursue and spend more time to do several by myself  !

The book is three parts : 1) about the natural extracts, 2) on aromatherapy and 3) on the beauty and well-being recipes.

Click here if you want to know more about the book

Do tell me what are the recipes you experimented bu leave me wth a comment.

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