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Posted by on May 8, 2017 in Events, Flavors shops | 0 comments

Angel by Mugler joins up with Maison du Chocolat

Angel by Mugler joins up with Maison du Chocolat

Angel by Mugler is the one perfume from the nineties which triggered the buzz to the greedy family in the fragrances. Although present in the perfumes for a long time, Angel gave to the greedy family a boost, by introducing different notes. Consequently, after their 25th anniversary, the Mugler house has agreed to a partnership with the Maison du Chocolat.

Meeting between Nicolas Cloiseau and Olivier Cresp


The first one is chocolatier chef of the Maison du Chocolat, and the second one is perfumer from Firmenich, the creation company,. Nicolas Cloiseau had dreamt of this encounter.. ; and his dream has become reality today. These two artists have discovered they had a vocabulary in common, addressed to all our senses : aromas, odours,perfumes, but also colours and textures. More, both of them refer to our olfactive and tasty memories.


During their meetings, Nicolas Cloiseau was most impressed by the great number of iconic fragrances, Olivier Cresp had created while remaining so modest. On his part, Olivier was surprised by the odours hovering in Nicolas’s lab and specially by the one of butter ! As beeing so curious, he could not helped to smelll everything he could !


Even more Olivier Cresp, the parfumer adores chocolate !… It happens to be his indulgence, with a plateful of energy and tonicity. « My favorite is sour black chocolate «  he tells me. It is an ingredient that he likes for its odour. For him, cocoa has an animal, slightly fruity, complex, powerful and fascinating odour.

His meeting with the world of chocolate which he ignored then, came out to be a marvellous discovery. He was mostly surprised by the quality of the natural ingredients that are used and are very powerful. Olivier mentioned the Normandy fresh cream, the raspberry coulis,and the powdrery cocoa coming from Madasgascar.


Olivier also pointed out to me that «  when you spray a perfume, the brain recognizes the ingredients one after the other, while a chocolate once in your mouth, is tasted in a few seconds. The sensation is far more quicker, so it is important to create a simpler accord with less ingredients. »






Angel by Mugler revisited in chocolate !

This collection pays an homage to the three famous Angel by Mugler accord, the iconic and unforgetable trail of this fragrance.

Chocolat céleste : the heady notes are there to recreate the fresh accord of the sicilian Bergamot, prepared as a ganache and mandarine under the form of a jelly. A soft, round milk chocolate wraps it up with elegance.

Chocolat delicieux : the flavors of the childhood are replicated through a cloud of a scented candy floss marshmellow, underlined by red fruits. Then, a praline almond-hazelnut caps it all.

Chocolat voluptueux : It is the result of a creation around the sensual base of the perfume Angel, with notes of patchouli and vanilla. A very original creation, under the form of a black ganache with vanilla grains and patchouli. It was a real delicious surprise for me !

Finally, the famous Star echoes the iconic packaging of Angel. This Madagascar chocolate star evolves in the mouth : it stands out by its inherent notes of red fruits, followed by a fine length on the palate with the dried fruits

This Angel Mugler box containing12 chocolates and 2 chocolate stars is solda t the price of 25 euros in the Maison du chocolat boutiques.




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