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Posted by on Mar 31, 2016 in Events, Women's fragrance | 0 comments

Eau de Valorise celebrates Nice University

Eau de Valorise celebrates Nice University

In order to celebrate its 50th year, the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis, launches its own fragrance, Eau de Valrose.This scented creation, is an homage towards the Valrose park, one of the most beautiful one of the Riviera, designed by Paul Von Derwies and famous for its perfumed essences. It has become the campus of the University. Eau de Valrose is on sale, in a limited edition, on the UNS website. The sales will be used for the maintenance of the castle, which is a listed buiding.


Eau de Valrose, the fragrance


Dominique Laredo, the history professor of the campus of the University Sophia Antipolis is passionate by the park of Valrose just as much as by perfume, and Maud Chevalier, who is perfumer at Robertet, the perfume creation house from Grasse, tells us about this lovely olfactive story of the birth of the Eau de Valrose.

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Due to the University Nice Sophia Antipolis, that this park has become a scientific campus at a very top level with the FoQual Mastership which represents a real symbol along with a research department in partnerhip with such companies, as the competitive Perfume, Aromas, Odours, Flavours (PASS) from Grasse.


Eau de Valorise


Maud Chevallier,the perfumer-creator of the Eau de Valrose tells us, this perfume contains, mainly the perfumed plants of the park, that is to say, the magnolia with a very discreet smell. It is a magnolia associated with a rose and spice note, to form the heart of this perfume. The start is fresh with the bergamot, the lemon and the green tea notes. The idea was to create a perfume as a light and pure water, in order to be appreciated by the campus students It is on sale at the sprice of 20 euros for the students or the starff of the University againt 30 euros for the general public.


The story of the Valrose park


It is due to the baron Paul von Derwies, a rich Russian financier who built this palace of gothic style in 1867. Then Valrose became very quickly one of the most popular spots for the Russians of the Riviera, attracting numerous Russian VIP’S and of other nationalities.Paul von Derwies organized regular concerts of a very high qualtiy, by inviting artists such as the French pianist Françis Planté, the Italian singer Adeline Patti, the Belgian violonist Ceasar Thomson. That is why he added a concert hall to the castle.



Joseph Caries, the horticulturalist became in charge of the design ot the Monte-Carlo gardens. It is how he introduced new plants coming mainly from Italy, palm trees from Bordighera and other species from Genoa and Florence along with a rose garden.



Queen Victoria, who appreciated the Valrose park, used to come tor tea, under her favourite pergola, under the shade of a white wisteria. He designed various follies such as an Ukranian isba, fake ruins,caves and statues along with numerous water pieces such as fountains, watrefalls and a pond on which it is possible to navigate.

Who is Dominique Laredo ?

Dominique Laredo is a Doctor in History of Art and civilisations. Today, she is PRCE in Documentation at the University Nice Sophia Antipolis. She is fascinated by major contributors like Paul von Derwies, who was such a talented man who made his destiny, Alice de Rothschild, a contributor to the beauty or also Jerôme-René Demoulin a contributor to utopia. When ones talks to her about perfume, Dominique remenbers her coup de foudre for Eau from Worth, the Eau Imperiale from Guerlain and Joy from Patou.

So, she will admit to me that she visits often Grasse. There, it is the souvenir of the villa Croisset, which had the most fabulous gardens,but no longer there It is also there that the famous garden designer Jean Mus, spent his youth with his father who was one of the many gardeners of the estate..

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