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Posted by on Mar 17, 2016 in Conference, Events | 0 comments

British celebrate National Fragrance day

British celebrate National Fragrance day

On the day of the Spring March 21st 2016, the National Fragrance day is celebrated in the whole country, and in other words, it is the day of the perfume in England. It is due to Linda Key, the President of the Fragrance Foundation. This special day dedicated to fragrances, is a good occasion to discover others perfumes. So, around conferences or meetings in the the big stores, or boutiques, the perfume lovers will learn to smell and choose their perfume.


The National Fragrance day mission

This day is an excuse to incite and and accompany the consumers in the big stores and boutiques. But it is also to encourage them to build their perfume wardrobe, without not forgetting to promote the importance of the smell among the British society.





The Fragrance Foundation has trained specialists who will guide the connsumers in choosing their perfume. In order to succeed for this event, the Fragrance Foundation has been supported by the retailers and the press to the amount of £500 K between December 2015 and March 2016.

This how one realizes the spirit of the Anglo-Saxon team who works and aims at the same objective., in order to educate the general public and sell. A natural, legitimate and obvious target !


The accent of the day is given by #scentmemories


#scentmemories is the new website, created by the British Fragrance Foundation and that is present on almost all the social networking, instagram, twitter, facebook and the email



Consumers and professionals are invited to share their olfactive souvenirs. More they will have the opportunity to win two tickets for the Fragrance Foundation Awards.


Program during National Fragrance day

Selfridges The Corner Restaurant & Champagne Bar from 6pm till 7.30 pm

Darius Alavi, the perfume critic and founder of Pergolaise will invite you to discover the perfumed world of Aerin Beauty. The price of the conference is 20£ which will be deductible when buying a fragrance.

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