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Posted by on May 1, 2019 in Choose a perfume, Smell/Taste | 0 comments

Terra from Collages Natura

Terra from Collages Natura

Natura Brazil invites us to discover Brazil with Collages Natura :  8 perfumes, like 8 olfactive strolls. A real trip that Collages takes each one to explore this huge country, via 8 snapshots of a story of perfume,filled with a lush flora, sensuality, tenderness, happiness or even seduction. Out of the 3 launched fragrances, I want to tell you more about Terra.


A few words about Collages Natura


In fact, Collages started in New York, in two points of sale and on the e-commerce. Today, the collection of 8 perfumes comes onto the french market. According to Roger Schmid, in charge of the fundamental reseach for the Natura Group (a group focused around three brands that are Natura Brasil, Aesop and the Body Shop ) » the idea is to invite the consumers of the world to know more about Brazil, our country, through the inspiration and olfactive perception of three occidental perfumes dedicated to these creations ». Furthermore, Collages has been concieved according to our philosophy with 100% bio alcohol, manufactured from sugar cane and a recycled bottling glass with a packaging made of recycled cardboard.


Collages Natura


The story behind Collages Natura

Terra is the red earth, coming from  baren parts of Brazil., But, it’s an idea the brazilians would never have, as this desert is equivalent to poverty, for them. Though, Terra, as all the other fragrances from the collection, evokes a sensation of textures !. Let’s not forget that Brazil is a tactile country, a country where one touches each other a lot.


Collages Natura

©Jean-Marc Lailheugue


The olfactive path of Terra

Terra, with tender wood notes, white flowers and musk enhanced by the vanilla , is a mineral perfume which is worn as a familiar and conforting material. Inspired from those unkown aereas of the savannah located in the center of Brazil, this fragrance revisits the red earth, with the woody and smooth notes that are so dear to Brazil.The blazing sunset  casts onto the ground and the sands, a soft glow. Just like a tender embrace, you can stil feel it present, even after it’s departure.


Collages Natura


Perfumer creator of Terra

Frank Voelkl, perfumer at Firmenich

My impressions of Terra

Terra is a confortable and warm perfume. It is reassuring with it’s woody facets, while nevertheless, being enveloping and voluptuous due to the amber notes, enhanced by the musks and the vanilla. In one word, it exhales strength and also confort.

Year of creation

March 2019

Price of Terra

Eau de parfum 100 ml 85 euros

The other fragrances of Collages of Natura

Jacaranda, Nectar and Angelica. Two others will come in June 2019

Time to wear it

Mostly in winter

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