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Posted by on Apr 9, 2019 in Podcast | 0 comments

Roger Schmid, a key player in perfumery

Roger Schmid, a key player in perfumery

Talking with Roger Schmid, is just like going around the world in 60 minutes ! During 40 years, he worked for the major creation raw-material companies. More, today as a key player of the perfume, he is now in charge of the international innovations of the Natura group. So,  on the occasion of his coming to Paris, for the launch of Collages, a collection of 8 fragrances, I had the pleasure to see him again.


Conversation with Roger Schmid


Episode 1




Episode 2



Roger Schmid, the key player of the perfumery world


Swiss, Italian born and today American, Roger is a man of the shadows who had the « bad job » to achieve fusions and acquisitions. Nethertheless, it did prevent him to found with the famous photographer Fabrizio ferri, the University dell Imagine, in Milan.


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