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Posted by on Nov 23, 2014 in Perfume Shops, Shops | 4 comments

Jean Patou Boutique back on Saint Florentin street in Paris

Jean Patou Boutique back on Saint Florentin street in Paris

1914-2014, the famous couturier and perfumer, Jean Patou celebrates its anniversary of a hundred years. For this occasion, the Jean Patou brand  has practically found its address of origin. Located at number 9 instead of number 7 on the Saint Florentin street, the Jean Patou boutique opens again, exactly at the town house that was the Couture House. I invite you to a visit with Dorothée Dutout, the Jean Patou manager.of the boutique

The common thread of this unique story

Jean PatouJean Patou is a man of simplicity and balance » says Emmanuelle Polle, historian and the author of the first monograph of the couturier. She also adds, that he used to say, for him «  a dress must only scull on one side f he was always looking for the excellency for his materials and specially for the making of his models, without showing off his performance. When looking over the Seebergerb brothers ‘s archives, at the French National Library,you watch the negatives of the women of the thirties on the race course,the smartest outfits were Jean Patou’s. There was never anything to add or to take off, it is his great force,declares Emmanuelle Polle. This man had understood before anybody, the rules of marketing in order to seduce his clients, as he inented Joy » the most expensive perfume in the world ».

According to Dorothée, it is at the worst time of the 1929 crisis that Joy Jean PatouJean Patou launches Joy,and offers it as a gift to all his clients who were not able to pay for it….Then,when they come back and become to make it a success as they did no forget his handsome gesture. This is not the only story , tells Dorothée. As for the launching of the Normandy liner,Jean Patou launches a new perfume, named « Normandie » that each first class guest will receive. Every single Jean Patou’s launch echoes a special event along with a gesture. Today, Jean Patou llaunches Joy Foreever, created by Thomas Fontaine, the in-house perfumer in a period … somewhat difficult

The ambiance of this jewel like boutique

Boutique Jean Patou interieurThe Jean Patou boutique was located on the Castiglione street, by the Place Vendome, for a few years. But when Bruno Cottard, its actual President, looks for a new address, he comes across this boutique on the Saint Florentin street. Coincidence or pure hazard… Nevertheless, the Jean Patou meets again with the original town house.

When entering he boutique,there is on one side a perfume corner and on the other a vintage corner of the brand, then a large canapé waiting for the women clients or the men clients in order to smell the fragrances, confortably,with the famous ” Monclin”, this cognac glass, with its sawn foot to let the smell paper strips go through. It has been   created by Jean-Michel Duriez when he was the in-house perfumer.

For Dorothée Dutoit, the idea for this boutique is not to have a classical one but to recreate a spot that mixes the Jean Patou culture with the perfume. This is to become a space of conviviality and get together, without forgetting to be a rendez-vous for the woman who needs to take her time to choose her perfume . In a way, such as the atmosphere of a cultural…boudoir.

Her olfactive route

Dorothée Dutoit’s first olfactive shock was the Rose by Rochas, invented by Edmond Roudnitka, a rose, Patou Foreverrose wood and sandalwood accord. It was her grandmother’s fragrance and she always went to smell it in her dressing room. » it is a perfume that always remains in my nose « she will tell me. In fact, Dorothée is fond of the Chypre perfume. Her first one will be Fidji from Guy Laroche, then Clhoé, Paris by YSL and Kelly Calèche by Hermes. The gold olfactive thread that emanates from the perfumes that Dorotée likes is clearly the rose ;the queen of flowers.It always comes back to her as an old song. So,it is not surprising tha has adopted Joy, this sublime accord of rose and jasmin ,the house olfactive music, just like Guerlain’s guerlinade. Joy is a jewel all to itself » she will tell me. Latelrly,she has also adopted the little last one, Joyforever for its powdered facet its feminity, sensuality and its gourmandise.

Her perfume philosophy

By entrering Jean Patou, Dorothée explains to me that she is going to be able to put into practice all the savoir faire that she has taught to others.

When training.Previously, she shared her love for perfume while training the perfume sales girl at the Chamber of Commerce then at Elizabeth Ardern before joining Jean Patou.In fact, Dorothée likes to share her passion for perfume with others and to pass it on. I like wine, it reminds me of perfume. Perfume is just like a work of art, an olfactive music »

She impregnates herself with the history of perfumes, along with the one of the brand, so to tell lovely stories such as the one of the brand. I love selling and to talk about Jean Patou who was so modern fo his time. Behind each perfume, there is an emotion and a tosensation «  Let’s not forget that we sell a dream » Drothée confides me. In order to sell well perfume it is important to capture the imaginary world, the inclination, of the clients so to pass over an olfactive dream.

My favourite fragrances

3 Jean PatouI appreciate the rose and jasmin melody of Joy. It is a mythical and so deliciously feminine perfume but also 1000and the delicate gluttony of the osmanthus. A wonderful story that Jean Kerleo, the creator tells with poetry. I have exquisite memories of the Eau from Patou along with the body cream ,I discovered during my training at the brand. Finally, Patou for Men with its remaining trail in the elevator to the town house. A thoroughbred smell with a great elegance.

Why do I love this boutique ?

It is a real joy to see Jean Patou back to the Saint Florentin street. I had the luck to have known the boutique at the number 7 while my press training at Jean Patou. The atmdsphere was different as at that time it had accesories such scarves, gloves, small leather items and perfumes.

The new boutique is more spacious, luminous and the canapy invites talking and stop for one moment to discover the fragrances The welcome is warm and convivial. One feels like staying for a good cup of tea while smelling these unique perfumes.


  1. Can you help me purchase Enjoy perfume spray and send it to New Zealand for me?


  2. Hello im write from Mexico, i want yo know , if you have now all the man perfums , AD woman, i search eau for man, andas other fragances .
    Thanks i waite your answer.

  3. Is it possible to still buy voyager?

    • No the boutique is closed but may be you can find it somewhere else. I am not Jean Patou, I am a website

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